QA Touch Features

QA Touch Features (2)
Integration with Amazon code commit (1)
Project Management - Trello Integratiion with QATouch (2)
Trigger the automation test scripts from QA Touch (1)
Indent sub modules in Module dropdown on 'Add Test Case' (1)
Need bitbucket integration (2)
Remove limitation on number of steps for reusable steps (1)
List of features I'd like to see (6)
Public dashboards (1)
Date format configuration request to dd / mm / yyyy (1)
Need Redmine Integration (2)
Gitlab integration in QA Touch (2)
Need Requirement Traceability (2)
Bulk delete of test cases in Test run (1)
Report of test cases run and the linked defects, status, priority of defect (2)
Customisation options required for Issue types and versions (1)
Requesting dependency in Test run (1)
Keyboard hotkeys for various operations (1)
Ability to add Steps to reproduce while creating a new issue (2)
How to view and manage spent time? (3)
Add Planned vs Actuals chart/graph for test execution (1)
Add Custom field options for Issue / Defects (1)
Quick Scrum Integration (1)
Move test cases to another module/submodule (2)
Edit Test case (adding/updating test step) while in the Test Run (1)
Add Test Result at the Test Step level (1)
Export of test run includes attachments (1)
Copy/paste text or follow URLs from steps (5)
Requirements mapping for Test cases step level (2)
Bulk Import of Requirements (2)