While importing testcase into qatouch . Steps are wrongly added

I am JIRA user . i want to shift towards qatouch .
My Task :
exporting testcase from jira in which steps are involved (.xlsx format ) and import into qatouch .
I get this result :
In testcase steps row if data is in nextline that considered as nextstep .
example :

I want this result :
I want to consider testcase step nextline data as same step .
formate i need .
step 1 :Connect to Session UI, click on ““Start a new session”” and configure it as
* Select type of session: ““Live””
* Enter a session name

Thank you for the feedback. Ensure that the file is in the QA Touch template specified format. Each step will be separated by a carriage return or enter key. Please refer to this tutorial to prepare the data to import: