List of features I'd like to see

(Iana) #1


I just found QATouch today and it really gave me a good impression because of its intuitive and fast UI compared to other test management tools I checked. However since it’s still new, it’s still lacking in some features I’m looking for. Can you tell me if these features will be implemented soon?

  • Test Case Version History
  • Test Execution history
  • Reordering of test steps (drag and drop)
  • Attaching images via pasting from clipboard
  • Ability to add columns in Test Cases page and filter/sort via column header
  • Expand table to show test case details when the test case is clicked
  • Quick filter for test suites
  • When last TC is ran, go back to test run result page

Also please change the hyperlink color for “Add Reusable Steps” on editing a test case because it’s currently black and mistaken as plain text so it’s hard to notice immediately.

(QA Touch Team) #2

Hi Iana,

Thank you for exploring QA touch and your feedback requests.

  • Test Execution history - It can be seen in the view test case in test run as well as from the Reports.
  • Reordering of test steps (drag and drop) - This feature is already available in the tool. You can do that from view test case - Drag and Drop.

Thank you,
QA touch team

(Iana) #3

I see.

For the test execution history, I was trying to look for it in the test case view. I think it’s also better to show it there so people reviewing the test cases will have an idea on how it’s done before they include it in the run.

For the reoedering of steps, I was looking for reordering of steps during the edit view.

Thanks for responding!

(QA Touch Team) #4

Test cases are the repository of test cases. The test execution is done in Test Runs and so the execution history will be there. If you wanted to review the execution history, you have to refer the previous release test runs.

For the reordering of steps in edit view is already in features list.

(Iana) #5

Ok thank you. Do you also have the reordering of steps for the reusable steps?

(QA Touch Team) #6

Reordering of the reusable steps are not available at present.