Bulk or Mass Edit/Update in Board Items

Board Items can be very useful for tracking scope elements and how they pertain to the development and therefore tests, etc. However, if one has a large number of cards in the stack, and wants to edit for common items like labels, the process is tedious. Other tools I have worked with allowed for a process of selecting many items in a list view and allowing an edit screen to launch that launched a potential workflow. In this example, one could select 50 cards and assign two labels and the workflow would edit all 50 cards to include those labels. This is not a show stopper, but a usability and productivity enhancement. That is only one example of how bulk editing could enhance the product, as there are sundry places where such a feature could be used. The difficulty for baselining will come down to ascertaining where the GUI controls are similar for the selection and resenting the tools that could be used.

Thank you @kkunkel for the feedback. We will add it as an enhancement and keep updated here.