Managing users in the trial version

Good afternoon-

We are demoing QA Touch in our organization. I was the first user in the system, and I then added my coworker.

In trying to give my coworker full access to the QA Touch product, I assigned them as a “Super Admin”.

Unfortunately, he can still not see the “Administration” functions on the left of the window, and if I add a project without assigning him to it, he has no access to that project.

In addition, I can no longer make changes to his User. I cannot edit or delete it to try re-adding him.

Thank you for any help,

Hi Eric,

Thank you for reaching out.
We have reviewed and found that you have given the access type as Developer while creating the user. Access type Developer will have only the issues module.

We have updated the access type for your colleague to Tester and he should be able to access the Administration and the other modules.

Please check and reach out to us if you need any further assistance.

Thank you