Import .xlsx in qatouch with different module?

I am currently utilizing JIRA and am in the process of transitioning to QATouch. While importing a .xlsx sheet of test runs in JIRA, the data seamlessly integrates into the module structure I have specified. It correctly categorizes into modules and sub-modules, as exemplified by the following:

  • Testrun1: testing/solution/ASA/new
  • Testrun2: testing/product/f5g/new

However, when attempting to import a similar .xlsx file into QATouch, the sub-modules are not accurately reflected. Instead, it creates a module with the entire name, such as testing/solution/ASA/new, and places the data within it.

I am seeking a feature in QATouch that mirrors the functionality in JIRA, allowing for the precise structuring of modules and sub-modules during the import process. Is this achievable in QATouch?

You can import the module, and sub-module structure in the test cases. For that you have to specify the value like this: Main Module Name > Sub Module Name in the Module name field in your xlsx file.