How to pull test Case IDs from test run with the QA touch API?

I’m currently using cypress-qatouch-reporter to programmatically report the test results in QA touch. To do so the npm package requires TRxxxx test case id to be added in the “it(…)” function.

I’m trying to build a module to automatically pull down the Project Id, Test run Id and Test Cases associated in order to automatically add the TRxxx test case to template test script file.
My problem is the current api documentation doesn’t seem to have any way of pulling test case information which are included in Test Run (other than the test run results).

I notice that the npm cypress-qatouch-reporter was using an api endpoint which wasn’t documented, so I’m wondering if there’s additional endpoints I can use to pull down that information?

Hi Laurent,

Thank you for the feedback. We have added an enhancement request for this API endpoint request and will keep you posted.

Thank you

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In doing more research and testing, I realized that I could use the test case run_key with the update “one” test run results api.
I ended up creating a new npm package “cypress-qatouch” with the pull down and push up functionality.

A few thing though that would be great to add to your enhancement backlog would be to provide more data with each data object (rather than just name and key). Also it would be nice to have the structure of the modules: if I have nested modules, the api returns a flatten array of those, loosing the parent-child relationship…

Anyway just some thoughts :slight_smile:

Thank you @Laurent147 for the feedback.