Copy/paste text or follow URLs from steps

(Dimitris Stavroulakis) #1

When viewing test cases the cursor turns into a cross icon and it is impossible to copy text from a step since you can only move the test case (which I believe you shouldn’t either way, since you are viewing not editing). This is particularly a problem when you need to follow URLs. Could there be some keyboard combination to disable this cross and at least copy the text?

(QA Touch Team) #2

Thank you for the feedback. We will take care in the upcoming release.

(QA Touch Team) #3

Hi @jimstav, This request is released as part of 1.5.3 version today.

(Dimitris Stavroulakis) #4

Thanks a lot!

(QA Touch Team) #5

You’re welcome! We’re happy to have you as a customer!