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When clicking on a module, include all of the test cases in the module AND sub-modules in the display.

Example: I have 8 test cases in each folder of the third level. If I click level 1 (Limited Pollution) - show all 16. If I click for next sub-module (KS) - show all 16. If I click on one of the third level modules (AgMax or Comm) - it displays the 8 that apply to that specific module which is correct and the current functionality.


How to delete a module? I can only see two options as of now i.e. Create and Rename. Is there a way I can delete a module which is created by default.

You can delete modules from the Test cases list page as well as in Modules.

  1. In the test cases list - in the module header - Delete.
  2. Left navigation menu - Click Modules.
    NB: The module and the test cases will be deleted when you do this. Be cautious, since it can’t be undone.

Attached screenshots for reference.